Innorichment™ is the industry’s first flat enrichment sheet that encourages natural foraging and nesting instincts for rodents. A precise quantity of 100% virgin kraft sheets comes irradiated and pre-inserted into each pre-bedded Innocage®.

Finally, an enrichment that delivers consistent results while minimizing labor, storage and costly waste, so you can focus on what’s important: the science.

“…when provided with nesting material in ventilated cages, mice no longer find ventilation aversive. Furthermore, by giving animals homeostatic control over these stressors, such enrichments should reduce variability and benefit scientific outcomes because the environment in which the animal lives considerably affects all aspects of physiology.”1


Watch a BALB/c mouse building an Innorichment™ nest

Watch a C57BL/6J mouse building an Innorichment™ nest

“In particular, C57BL/6J mice often build rather poor, flat nests when provided with commercial nest-building enrichments. We hypothesized that this variability does not reflect a lack of importance of nest building to C57BL/6J mice but rather that the enrichments provided are not biologically relevant (that is, the mice did not perceive such enrichments as suitable nest-building material). Accordingly, we predicted that if provided with more naturalistic nest-building material, C57BL/6J mice would build nests equivalent to those of their wild counterparts.”2

Animal Benefits

  • Keeps rodents active and helps reduce aggression
  • Helps regulate body temperature (thermoregulation)
  • Flat zigzag pattern allows for more complex foraging and nesting activity
  • Interlocking strands allow for natural shaped nests
  • Nests can be easily transferred during cage changes reducing animal stress

Facility Benefits

  • Control an exact quantity of material to reduce research variables, cost and waste
  • Minimizes labor and enrichment storage in your facility
  • Quantities of 1 sheet (2.4 grams) or 3 sheets (7.2 grams) are pre-inserted into every pre-bedded disposable cage you order


  • Made from 100% virgin kraft paper
  • Sheet dimensions: 11.5″W x 6.75″H
  • Lightweight sheet weighs only 2.4 grams each
  • Guaranteed irradiated and ready to use
  • Sits on top of current bedding materials
  • Compatible with rats, hamsters, rabbits and more