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RackNet™ is a remote monitoring and information management solution for facilities equipped with the Innovive Disposable IVC Rodent Caging System. RackNet™ software is installed on your internal server and communicates wirelessly with the digital controllers on your Innovive IVC racks. Secure access to controls and data at each rack is then readily available from any web-enabled computer or mobile device that has been granted access to the network.


RackNet™ is an add-on software solution for remote monitoring and information management.
Provides complete access to rack controls, system alarms, and operational history via computer or mobile device.

ACH and DP
System and power alarms
Monitor by rack, room building, or site

Automatic email and/or text alerts to multiple recipient
Issue tracking
Change in airflow settings notification

History Log
Complete log of all alarms and loss of power
History log of all alarms, loss of power, ACH and DP with graphical data representation
System uptime



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