Catheter for mice jugular vein – C20PU-MJV1458

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Catheter for mouse jugular vein, PU 2Fr 10cm, collar @ 1.1cm, round tip. Fits 25ga

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Our mouse jugular vein catheters are made of a 2Fr polyurethane tubing that is specially extruded for a perfect fit with 25ga mouse Vascular Access Buttons™, or a 1-3Fr two piece construction that fits on 22ga VABs.


  • Medical-grade polyurethane tubing for biocompatibility and excellent fit on devices
  • Available with either rounded tips (for ease of insertion and to minimize trauma to the vessel wall), or square tips (for reduced cost on shorter-term studies)
  • Silicone collars for anchoring
  • Optional sleeves for high-pressure connections
  • Manufactured in a clean room, individually packaged and EtO sterilized

Minimum order quantity is 5 pieces.


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