Stainless Steel Feeding Needles for Rodents

The leading manufacturer of stainless steel feeding needles

Instech’s stainless steel feeding needles meet the needs of researchers that prefer traditional reusable metal tubes.

The needles are comprised of a stainless steel tube and ball and a nickel-plated brass hub. They comply with ISO 594 specifications. The sizes range from 24ga to 16ga to cover rodents ranging in size from mouse pups to large rats. Download the PDF below for complete specifications and species suggestions. The needles are sold straight, but are easily bent for optimized use.

The needles are sold in pack of 6 and are sterilized prior to shipping, so they are ready for use on arrival.

Mouse Feeding tubes


All sizes available from Mice Pups to Adult Mice



Rat Feeding Tubes


All sizes available from Rat Pups to Adult Rats