Harvard Apparatus Syringe Pumps

The leading manufacturer of syringe pumps for life science research

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Harvard Pump 11 Elite

Simple, easy-to-use pump for drug infusion with one or two syringes

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    Harvard Pump 11 Elite infuse-only single syringe pump (704500)

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Harvard Pico Plus Elite

Simple dual syringe pump with smooth flows at the low rates required for microdialysis

Harvard PHD Ultra Series

Most advanced pump for complex flow profiles, multiple syringes, widest flow rate range & high force

Syringe Pump Control Software

Harvard’s FlowControl software controls individual or multiple Harvard syringe pumps, including the new 11 Elite and PhD Ultra models as well as the legacy 11, 22 and PHD2000 models.

Individual pumps can be controlled manually, one at a time: select syringe, choose flow rate and direction (for infuse/withdraw pumps) and even change flow rate without stopping the pump.

Multiple pumps can be controlled by creating Methods (a program of flow steps that can be simple or complex) and assigning Methods to pumps. Once assigned an individual pump can be started or paused in running its Method. Multiple methods can be created and saved, though the flow rates or steps of that Method cannot be changed while a pump is running.

Pump status can be monitored graphically, and the software creates log files of pump activity.