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100% virgin kraft nesting enrichment sheets. Each sheet weighs 2.4 grams and is delivered pre-inserted and ready to use in pre-bedded mouse cages.
Now available to all facilities in packages of 500 3-ply sheets, so everyone can benefit from Innorichment™ no matter what your preferred choice of caging is.

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Innorichment is the industry’s first flat enrichment sheet that encourages natural foraging and nesting instincts for rodents. A precise quantity of 100% virgin kraft sheets comes irradiated and pre-inserted into each pre-bedded Innocage®.

Finally, an enrichment that delivers consistent results while minimizing labor, storage and costly waste, so you can focus on what’s important: the science.


Animal Benefits
  • Keeps rodents active and helps reduce aggression
  • Helps regulate body temperature (thermoregulation)
  • Flat zigzag pattern allows for more complex foraging and nesting activity
  • Interlocking strands allow for natural shaped nests
  • Nests can be easily transferred during cage changes reducing animal stress
  • Made from 100% virgin kraft paper
  • Sheet dimensions: 11.5″W x 6.75″H
  • Lightweight sheet weighs only 2.4 grams each
  • Guaranteed irradiated and ready to use
  • Sits on top of current bedding materials
  • Compatible with rats, hamsters, rabbits and more
Facility Benefits
  • Control an exact quantity of material to reduce research variables, cost and waste
  • Minimizes labor and enrichment storage in your facility
  • Quantities of 1 sheet (2.4 grams) or 3 sheets (7.2 grams) are pre-inserted into every pre-bedded disposable cage you order


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