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LabSand, revolutionary patented hydrophobic sand, is used to collect urine samples from animals in laboratory and research settings.

This unique product keeps the urine on top, making sample collection easy. The all natural hydrophobic coating is non-invasive, nontoxic, and provides a method which maintains high levels of morality and wellness for animals.

LabSand is laboratory validated and veterinarian approved, and has gone through extensive research and validation testing, guaranteeing it will not change any parameters of the obtained urine sample.

Noninvasive, stress-free, and easy to use, LabSand is the answer to urinalysis in laboratory and research facilities.

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To use LabSand, simply empty the contents of one of the 300g bags in your LabSand kit into a clean cage or onto any desired surface. Allow the animal to urinate freely. After urination, collect the sample using a pipette and vial, or simply dip a testing strip directly on the suspended droplet which remains on the surface.

Click Here to see a study conducted by GSK which finds LabSand suitable for research and laboratory urine collection

Click Here to review the MSDS for LabSand

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