Microchip Reader Base Station

 214,000.00 incl. GST

The RFID Microchip Reader Base Station (UBS-200-L) is a high-powered, industrial reader designed to read encoded data from all UID implantable microchips, including Temperature. This reader provides a read distance ranging from 4 to 8 cm, and it comes with a 6’ attachable antenna wand for increased scanning flexibility. The Microchip Reader Base Station has two antenna ports, an Internal and External Antenna port, which are switchable for easy microchip identification between different antenna types. The Microchip Reader Base Station connects to a computer system with a USB cable, and it is compatible with all software systems. The rugged aluminum housing provides increased durability, and it can be cleaned with most common laboratory cleaning agents without fear of damage. The RFID Base Station can also be used as a microchip programmer with the addition of the Pi Software Provisioning Application. Microchips can be programmed in the cannula prior to implantation, or in the animals after implantation. There is no need for special or additional equipment for programming.


Summary of Features and Specifications:

  • Desktop, high-power reader
  • Compatible with all UC-Series of UID microchips
  • Recommended species: mice, rats
  • Routes: SC (mice, rats), IP (mice)
  • Microchip programming: YES (requires Pi Software Provisioning Application)
  • Reads temperature data (UCT-2112 Temperature Microchip): YES
  • For use with LF Desktop Reader, Square Wand, or Stick Antenna
  • Connects to PC via USB/serial cable
  • HID Keyboard: YES??
  • Long read range: 4-8 cm (depending on microchip size and reader antenna)
  • Power: A/C


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