Tempevent Temperature Data Logger

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Tempevent Temperature Data Logger with NFC (Near Field Communication) is a battery-powered NFC Temperature Data logger flexible smart label with temperature data logging capabilities. The labels have a fully integrated real time clock and temperature sensor with an accuracy of up to 0.5ºC. The NFC Temperature logging labels are readable by any Android NFC enabled smartphone or tablets with the TempeventNFC application installed.



How it works

Simply Attach the credit card sized flexible Tempevent™ temperature data logger to your item or container, where the temperature needs to be tracked.  Using your Android Smart Phone or Tablet with the installed Tempevent Application place it next to the Tempevent Temperature Data Logger card and set the temperature recording intervals, min/max temperature values and activate the card.  Box the item and proceeded with shipping. The card will track the temperatures and times based on the values programmed until it is deactivated. Once the items has arrived, or the data needs to be downloaded, simply place an Android Smartphone or Table next to the card and the Tempevent mobile app will do the rest! Perfect for all temperature critical items that are needed to be tracked. Download or email the information. Temperature tracking made easy.


Identification, monitoring and tracking of temperature-sensitive products such as:

  • Food products
  • Beverage
  • Biological samples
  • Critical Temperature components
  • Chemicals and polymers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical
  • Flowers
  • Live Animals in transit
  • Room temperatures

Features & Benefits

  • Time-temperature data logging label
  • Provides trip-level temperature visibility
  • Real-time clock for data logging
  • Easy-to-use application for NFC enabled Android smartphone or tablets
  • Downloadable data for spreadsheets and charts (.csv file)
  • Text field for customer notes
  • Anti-collision capability
  • Stick on or place in pouch
  • Re-usable or disposable


  • Operating temperature:
    • -20˚C to 50˚C
  • Accuracy:
    • +/- 0.5˚C @ -10 to +20°C (-22° F to 149° F)
    • +/- 1.5˚C @ -20 to 10˚C and +2- to +50˚C
  • Size:
    • 85.6mm x 54mm (Credit Card Size)
  • Store up to 762 data measurements
  • Shelf Life > 1 year
  • NFC or ISO-15693 data communications (13.56MHz)
  • RoHS Certified, Reach Compliant, EU Battery Directive compliant

Tempevent™ Control App

User-configurable tag control:

  • Activate or Deactivate logger
  • Set High and Low temperature range
  • Select temperature recording interval
  • Add notes (20 Characters)

Data Reporting and Recording:

  • View Card Information
  • View recorded data in List or Graphical form
  • Easily export data in CSV format

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