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How did dogs and humans become best friends?

Dogs and humans have been caring for each other for more than 25,000 years. Descended from wolves, the social and emotional creatures quickly became companion dogs to help with hunting and protection. Since then, dogs have become “man’s best friend.” Identifying critical conditions in time ensures your dog will remain your friend

This innovative urine collection pole provides a simple to use tool which makes collecting dog’s urine sample clean and easy.

Detect Common conditions like:

  • Diabetes (Glucose)
  • Kidney Condition (Protein)
  • Urinary Tract Infection (pH)
  • Blod in the Urine

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The P-Pole allows a dog owner to collect a urine sample while taking his or her dog on a regular walk. Each kit includes a pole (which can easily be assembled by screwing the ring into the telescopic pole), disposable collection cups with lids, pipettes and vials. Our twist on the industry standard – the “free catch” model – makes urine collection stress-free. Dog owners can then easily transport the sample to their veterinarian for further analysis. Conversely for monitoring a specific condition, the P-Pole can be used with our CheckUp diagnostic strips for at-home wellness testing.

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Compliance in Comfort

The telescopic pole extends to 60 cm, allowing dog owners to maintain a comfortable distance from the dog while urinating, to avoid any mess or interference.

Important Notes

  • We recommend keeping your dog on a non-retractable leash to ensure you are in close proximity when they begin to urinate.
  • Sample can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours before being taken for further evaluation.

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