One Channel Vascular Access Button™ for Rats

 3,000.00 incl. GST

For tethered and intermittent access

This transcutaneous button features an external port with a septum for quick, clean and repeated access to a rat’s implanted catheter. Applications include bolus or continuous dosing, blood sampling and IV self-administration. For intermittent access use a syringe fitted with a needlefree PinPort™ injector; for continuous access from outside the cage snap in a mating tether.

The design, updated in 2017, uses magnets for low stress connection, and smaller PinPorts™ so that tethers, injectors and caps are compatible with the two-channel buttons.

They are available with 22ga connectors to mate with 3Fr polyurethane rat catheters, 25ga for 2Fr catheters, or 27ga for intrathecal catheters.

Group house animals by using the protective aluminum cap — an animal welfare benefit that has never before been available to rats with externalized catheters.

NOTE: These buttons are not MRI-compatible due to the magnets. We do have an MRI-compatible button: VAB95BS-MRI, with a twist-in connection and a Nitinol connector.

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Features and Benefits

  • 1in (2.5cm) polyester surgical felt disk implanted under the skin
  • 22ga (for 3Fr), 25ga (for 2Fr) or 27ga catheter connectors
  • Catheters are not exposed, preventing evaporation and improving patency
  • Closed system allows aseptic technique and positive pressure technique which can significantly improve patency
  • Group house using the protective cap (available in red, blue or green for animal identification)
  • Needle-free access for safety
  • Order animals from Charles River or Envigo with the buttons installed as a surgical service
  • Part of our “Be Nice” family of products


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