Two Channel Vascular Access Button™ for Rats

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This implantable button for rats connects two independent fluid channels simply by engaging the mating tether. It is the same size as the one-channel rat Vascular Access Button™. Connect two 3Fr catheters to the 22ga inputs under the felt disk. The small PinPorts™, one red and one white, can be accessed manually using a syringe fitted with a PNP3M injector.

The mating tether snaps into the button with magnets to minimize the force on the animal. The magnets are oriented so that the tether can only be connected one way: the white port connects to the tubing with the white stripe. For two continuous lines connect a 25ga dual channel swivel; alternatively, connect one line to a single channel swivel for continuous access and then allow the second line to rotate freely with a PinPort™ for intermittent dosing or sampling.


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This button is also compatible with one channel tethers: VABR1T/22 will connect to the white port, leaving the red port unconnected; VABR1TR/22 will connect to the red port, leaving the white port unconnected. This configuration is ideal for PK studies where the white port is used for a IV bolus dose at the start of the study, then the red port is used for serial blood sampling through a tether.

Features and Benefits

    • Quickly and cleanly externalize and connect two catheters
    • Closed system for excellent patency
    • Group house using protective cap
    • Bile loop available to connect bile duct catheter to duodenal catheter
    • Order animals from Charles River or Envigo with the buttons installed as a surgical service
    • Part of our “Be Nice” family products


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