The UID Microchip Provisioning Station (UPS-60) is the most advanced multi-transponder programmer available. Our new provisioning station allows for convenient programming of up to 8 transponders at one time. The UID Chip Provisioning Station is used to program a specific number and/or letter sequence code (16 characters) as needed for your application. A unique feature of UID microchips is that they don’t lose their programmed information like microchips from other companies. [Patent Pending]

  • Allows the programming of up to 6 UID transponders at one time
  • Code up to 16 alpha-numeric characters of your choice prior to implantation
  • Program microchips directly in the sterile cannula
  • Fast and secure transponder programming
  • Confirm programming when scanning the animal with the RFID reader!

*Microchips can also be programmed after implantation while in the animal using the UBS-200-L Microchip Reader Base Station.