Vivarium RFID Cage Cards

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RFID Cage Cards offer a unique advantage over standard print cards or even bar codes. Improve your accuracy and ease of reading by using RFID Readers. Bar codes require a 1 to 1 read, while RFID can read 1 to 1 or many at a time. This allows for faster reading and census. All reads are 100% accurate and the data is electronically sent to your Animal Management System.

The UID Model for cage cards is not an actual “Card” but a high quality, tear proof, chemical proof label with integrated RFID. This allows for multiple for factors for different size card stock and printing capabilities.

Advantages of Durable UID Cage Cards with RFID

  • Easy to use – Print directly onto the label and affix it to your card stock. Use low cost card stock for different colors to indicate groups and apply the RFID sticker to this stock. Designed to be used with standard 3” x 5” cards.
  • Durability – The UID label is Chemical Resistant, temperature proof from -198C to +200C, tear and water proof.
    Printing – Two options for printing.
    • Option 1: Use a standards Industrial printer with the UID Media stock to print each card. Add the RFID number to your LIMS System by provisioning the RFID value after printing
    • Option 2: Use a RFID Printer to allow the Printer to print the human readable values and then send the RFID value to your LIMS System for a no hassle seamless entry

RFID Readers – UID will work with you to find the best reader solution to read the cage cards. Read one at a time or an entire cage rack or room!



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