Implantable Programmable Transponder

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The UID Implantable Programmable Microchip (UC-2112) is ideal for positive and permanent identification in rats and larger laboratory animals. With microchip dimensions of 2.1 mm in diameter and 12 mm in length, it is the is the most common size for use in almost all laboratory animals. Each microchip is supplied individually packaged in sterile cannula for quick and easy implantation using a wide range of UID injectors. Each transponder contains a unique, non-repeating, alphanumeric code for positive animal identification. In addition, the UC-2112 microchip contains up to 16 alphanumeric characters that enable read/write programmable capabilities. This feature allows researchers to program the microchip with useful “human readable” data, such as study number, genotype or animal DOB. The UC-2112 implantable transponder is easily programmed in cannula prior to insertion using the UPS-60 Chip Provisioning Station, or after implantation while in the animal using the UID UBS-200L Base Station reader.

The UID programmable microchips are fail-proof and do not lose their programmed information, unlike those of other providers.

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Features and Specifications

  • Applications: Animal identification
  • Species: All species: mice, rats and larger species
  • Size: 2.1mm x 12mm
  • Weight: 0.098g
  • Volume: 41.56 cubic millimeter
  • Implantable: IP, SQ or IM in all species
  • Unique ID: 100% unique 8-digit, non-repeating RFID code
  • Battery-free transponder
  • Programmable: 1-16 alphanumeric characters for programming (read/write) with customized study information. Can be programmed in the cannula prior to implantation or in the animal.
  • Biocompatible: Glass encapsulated (BIO GLASS 8625)
  • Operating Frequency: 134 kHz
  • Availability: Provided in individually packaged in sterile blister pack
  • Availability: Provided in sharp, triple ground cannula (12.5G; 2.59mm O.D.) for easy insertion
  • Compatible Readers: URH-1HP Handheld ReaderUBS-200 Base Station, URH-300HP High Power Reader
  • Compatible injectors: UPGI-Q Pistol Grip InjectorStainless Steel InjectorSyringe Injector

Species Include:

  • Rodents
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Reptiles
  • Ferrets
  • Rabbits
  • Dogs
  • Primates
  • Sheep


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